Habitat Restoration

Yadkin Valley Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation Habitat Project

Any wildlife biologist will tell you that developing and maintaining habitat is the key to restoring wild populations of bobwhite quail. Yadkin Valley Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation is in the process of restoring habitat on two large adjoining farms in Yadkin county.

The Will Parker and Jan Wallace farms total over 400 acres. To date we have created over 50 acres of habitat rehabilitation. Forty acres have been converted to brood and nesting cover with an additional ten acres of food plots strategically placed to provide a reliable food source for upland wildlife during the winter months. We have also completed many acres of debrushing to add more soft edge to existing fields. We have also been diligent in our application of herbicides to kill fescue and keep unwanted overgrowth at bay. We have made a long term commitment in cooperation with these landowners to continue our efforts of restoring the proper habitat for quail. We would like to thank both Mr. Parker and Ms. Wallace for undertaking this project with us.

We can make a difference! We look forward to continuing our efforts on these farms and keeping our membership informed of our progress. To learn more about quail habitat development and restoration visit our parent organization’s website at: www.quwf.net.